Posted by: baptistthinker | June 20, 2010

Some Background

I was born into a Baptist family. My parents and my father’s parents attended an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church. My mother’s parents attended a Southern Baptist Church. My father was one of the assistant pastors, and was in charge of the youth department, the Sunday School, the Bus Ministry, as well as janitorial work, among other things.

I was unquestioningly a Baptist for many years. I was saved when I was in Bible college(although I had made professions of faith much earlier), and never thought twice about being a Baptist. When I moved out of my parent’s house, things had already been changing in my heart and mind. I had come to hold to what I discovered was called Reformed Sotierology, or more commonly, “Calvinism”. I learned, contrary to what I had always been taught, that the King James Translation was not the only good translation of the Bible. I found that one could be a Christian and love the Lord, and listen to “Christian Contemporary Music”.

Frankly, discovering these things shook me to my core. I began to explore other orthodox Christian denominations, like the Presbyterian denomination, and the Lutheran denomination, and I visited their churches, including the Assembly of God church down the street. Then, I moved on to others, like the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox. Then, I moved even further outside orthodoxy, and looked into Mormonism.

My study of Scripture as I explored different faiths helped to ground me in the church, so that I could not be deceived by falsehoods. While I explored other faiths, I became even further convinced of some beliefs I already held, and so I stayed firmly within the realm of orthodoxy, exploring Lutherans, Presbyterians, Mennonites, and Baptists(note, I do not mean to imply that only these denominations are orthodox, these are merely examples). And as I read more of the Scriptures, I became convinced that I could not help but be a Baptist.

When I moved out of the great, white North, I began visiting various churches in my area, finally settling within a Southern Baptist congregation. While I’m not always happy with how things are done or preached in my church or Convention, I believe that it is the best place for me to be at this moment.

As we continue through some things, I’m sure that I will talk more of my background, and what I believed then versus what I now hold to be true. I would be honored if you would join me in this conversation about what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be a Baptist.


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