Posted by: baptistthinker | July 13, 2010

Reading And Writing(Sorta), And Other Things

Over the past few days, since the beginning of July, I’ve spent more time reading that I have in recent months. That’s not saying that I don’t read often, because I do, but I’ve been reading more Christian literature. I am working on the book Radical, and another titled Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns. I have yet to finish reading either book, but I can safely say that the chapters so far are well worth the price of admission.

I’ve also been working on studying the Gospel of Mark. I didn’t choose it for any particular reason, other than the fact that it was one of the synoptic Gospels, and seemed like a good one to start with. Tonight, I began writing, copying actually, out the book of 2 Peter, which my singles group at church is going through in our meetings. I finished chapter 1 this evening, and will work on chapter 2 later. I think that doing so will help me to gain a better understanding of the book, because it will force me to read it prior to it’s reading in the service, and also forces me to take great care when reading, because I am copying it word for word. I am doing so from the King James translation of the Bible, not from the ESV which I normally use now. I’m not necessarily doing it for any other reason than that I forgot to pack my ESV in my backpack when I went to the park to study the Bible.

I’ve also been listening to Christian music while driving, rather than my usual mix of Country, Rock, Big Band, and Christian. I have discovered that the Maranatha Singers can do hymns either really, really well; or what is more common, do them absolutely dreadfully. I mean, who puts an R&B track to “The Love Of God”? I have discovered that while Christian “pop” music is fairly entertaining, and the contemporary Christian “worship” genre can be fairly decent, oddly enough it is Christian rap that is chock full of deep theology. And what passes for Christian worship, and is played in churches all over the country, is often lacking theologically, substituting emotionalism for doctrine. This is part of what the book “Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns” is concerning.

This week, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with a co-worker about Jesus over dinner. He hasn’t been to church in some time, in fact, he was hurt by church a couple of years ago. He professes to be a believer, but the way he lives, I do wonder. I am concerned about him, and I am planning on engaging in on-going talks with him, and I plan to get him some CD’s with good preaching and music that he can listen to while he’s driving or browsing the internet. I’m particularly planning to get stuff that talks about examining yourself to see if you are in the faith, and living for the glory of God. He’s not into reading, so I’ll be looking for an audio Bible for him to listen to, so we can sit and talk about the Bible when opportunity arises.



  1. Will be praying for your friend. While I wasn’t from a fundamentalist background, I’m a PK who walked away for years and flew in the opposite direction into extreme liberalism and talked myself out of believing that God really meant what He said in the Bible so I could ignore it….until God broke me of myself and caused me to fall at His feet at a time when all I wanted to do was to stop believing that He was there. It could have gone either way that day, but He opens eyes and hearts. It wasn’t until later that I found myself in a Christian bookstore picking up a copy of Spurgeon’s “All of Grace” and listening to it on CD on the way home, hearing – at 40 years of age, for the first time in my life – about how God justifies the ungodly (Bridge-Logos has a modern English version with five chapters of it on CD). Our Father is perfect in His timing and Providence and whether or not your friend comes to faith (which I pray he does), there is great joy in being used of Him and your labor is most definitely not in vain.

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