Posted by: baptistthinker | August 16, 2010

God Is So Amazing

I’m staying up later than normal tonight, to write off a quick blog post.

I recently added a friend on Facebook, who was suggested to me by a dear older saint who I used to go to church with. The man had been stationed in the Philippines while in the military, and the friend he suggested to me was a Filipino pastor. I had asked on Facebook, if any of my friends knew of any churches or missionaries in the Philippines. I had recently met somebody online, who lives in the Philippines, and was wanting to leave the Catholic church and go to a more orthodox, Protestant church, but wasn’t sure where to start.

This native pastor, has popped up on Facebook chat from time to time, to chat with me and talk to me about this friend, and also just to talk to me about the Lord. During our second conversation, he said something to me that kind of hit me like a sledgehammer. He said “Good night my brother. We love you here, and we are praying for you.” And I thought to myself “Oh! Wow. I haven’t even thought yet to pray for this man and his ministry, and yet he is praying for me.” And so I prayed immediately for him. And as I think about it more, I think more about praying for this man and his ministry. Tonight, we had another conversation. And again he said “Brother, I love you and I pray for you.” And I responded in like manner, because I am now praying for him. And I realized, I have so much more in common with him, than I do with a childhood friend that I grew up with who is unsaved. I realized that I have more in common with this pastor, who I have never met, than I do with my unsaved co-workers. I have more in common with his congregation, than I do with the people down the street who speak the same language as me, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, but have different beliefs. I have more in common with a Korean Christian, or an Arabic Christian, or an African Christian, than I do with some people that I’ve known all my life.

What we have in common, is our awesome God. We have Christ, and we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. And that Spirit that dwells within us, enables us to love those brothers and sisters, although we’ve never met. And even though we may not share the same food in common, or the same clothes, or the same tastes in music. But we share the same God. And look what He has done with us! He has taken us, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and He has made us part of His body, of His bride. Together, we make up this beautiful, awesome church.

Too often, I think we forget about this. Especially we as American Christians. We go through our daily lives, living lives largely centered around ourselves. We want everything to cater to our convenience. We have book after book on how to be a good Christian, how to read the Bible, how to live our lives. But how often do we simply read the Bible, and start living what it says? I mean, this pastor, over at his end of the world in the Philippines, met a Christian brother online, and then proceeded to pray for him. Why? Because he realized this concept better than I did, that we are to pray for one another, and lift one another up. He didn’t know of any specific prayer needs, nor did he need them to begin praying. Now certainly, had I known of any specific prayer request, I would have begun praying. But it did not cross my mind immediately, to begin praying for this dear brother who I had just met. And it’s like God said to me, “You should love this man more than you love your brother. This pastor has me, and with me, you have more in common with him than with your brother. You should love him, and desire to know more of him and his ministry, than you desire to get in touch again with your old friend who does not have me. Pray for him, love him, he is your true brother, and a truer friend than those you have known your whole life.”

Oh my God, forgive me for failing to live your Word. If your mercy had limits, where could I go to escape your wrath? I thank you that it has no limits, and that my sins are removed far from your presence. My Enemy presents me daily with a list of accusations, many of them true. But I thank you for your grace, for they will not stand against me. They have been covered by the blood of your Son, The Christ who became the ransom for many. Make me to love your people, and to pray for them, and to seek your face on their behalf. Amen.



  1. This is such a great post, Will. Excellent!

  2. Well written! Thank you.

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