Posted by: baptistthinker | March 19, 2012

Would You Be Comfortable With A Calvinist Attending Your Church?

Here is a question for any pastors who read this blog, or anybody else in general. Would you be comfortable with an individual who is a Calvinist being a part of your church? Would you allow him to join, or only attend? Could he take part in ministry, or not? Does it depend on the individual? Please vote, and pass it along to your friends.



  1. The poll is lacking a simple answer of “yes”. In the C&MA, there is no doctrinal stance on Calvinism vs. Arminianism so both would be welcomed with the right hand of fellowship.

    It is not true that non-reformed churches are not Calvinistic.

    • Fair enough. I know of C&MA churches, and that they operate a little different than many, especially Baptist churches. Among most of the churches I’ve been around though, it’s either “we’re Reformed”, or “we hate the Reformed.”

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