Posted by: baptistthinker | June 10, 2012

Evangelist Sammy Nuckolls-Pled Guilty In Arkansas-Awaiting Trial in Mississippi

A few months ago, I posted about the arrest of Evangelist Sammy Nuckolls on video voyeurism charges. I just got an update on his multiple cases today.

Via Watchman on the Wall:

I am writing now in case any of your faithful readers are looking for an update on the Sammy Nuckolls case. It’s been 7.5 mos since his arrest. He is still unrepentant and still trolling the streets of MS. Did you ever buy a t-shirt or watch from Sammy where he said all the proceeds were going to feed starving orphans? “Buy a $20 watch – feed 200 starving children,” Well, he KEPT ALL of that money – tens of thousands of dollars – and YOU are now unwittingly funding his highly adept legal defense with ur purchases! Sammy has NEVER apologized to any of the over two dozen women and children he got caught taping. His lawyer just keeps on filing continuances and motions to drop the charges. Sammy is evil and devious and should never be trusted again by anyone in the church or the secular world. His fancy lawyer had him run over to AR over the Easter weekend to enter two quick guilty pleas while no one was looking (his preliminary hearing was scheduled later in the month and Sammy wanted to avoid the press.). Sam received two 5 year suspended sentences plus two fines (under $1,500 total) and was required to register as a sex offender. Both prosecutors in both Counties refused to offer him ANY plea agreement and both cited his ARROGANT, NON-REPENTANT attitude as the reason for NOT reducing charges. Check out his Prentiss County Sex Offender picture:

A whole lot of ur readers claim to know this man. Have any of you ever seen him so happy? Does this look like the countenance of remorse and contrition? Sam also, temporarily, managed to avoid both State and National Sex Registries by registering only in Prentiss County (Booneville, MS his current residence of record) – his lawyers knew that this loophole existed. Thank the Lord that one victim followed through until that loophole was closed and now, at the very least, he is on the National Sex Offenders Registry for the next 15 years.

Y’all can talk forgiveness as much as you want, but Sam specifically targeted high school girls and he filmed multiple minors, although for various reasons only ONE of the minor’s tapes is being charged in the state of MS. Sammy doesn’t want ur forgiveness because he doesn’t feel bad about what he’s done. There is not one single known case of Voyeurism Paraphilia that has ever been cured. Ever! Not even through chemical or physical castration. Sammy PICKED Youth Ministry as his career after he attended a Lifeway-FUGE Camp in Panama Beach, FL where in his own promotional material he claimed that was where his “excitement” for youth ministry was first inflamed. Sammy spoke to about 10,000 different kids every year, ages 11-18.

He stands a good chance of walking on probation or no charges at all in every jurisdiction because this crime isn’t treated by law enforcement as seriously as it should be. But make NO mistake. Sammy WILL re-offend! He couldn’t stop taping girls long enough for his baby’s adoption to become final. And while out on bail, he talked his brother-in-law, SBC Ps. Matt Wilburn into letting him accompany Matt on his rounds as the Women’s Basketball Team Chaplain, at a MS regional university, so that Sammy could attend the devotionals in the locker rooms. Sammy isn’t even CLOSE to being repentant let alone slowing down.

Baptist Thinker, it’s time for you to write an update on this story. His “new” trial date is 7-30-12, although his lawyer will undoubtedly keep filing new continuances. Please, BT, help protect the children of MS from this unrepentant evil-doer. What good is ANY church that feeds it’s most vulnerable lambs to the wolves just so the leadership doesn’t have to admit that evil in the pulpit does exist? Man is fallen, evil exists everywhere. But how about a few Godly men standing up and calling for the incarceration of this sinister video-rapist in order to protect future victims?? Sammy is embracing his sin and evil. Pray for justice and pray for the girls of MS!!!



  1. One question about the watches is that a proven fact? Because the watches are from a corporation called Hello Somebody, I mean he could have not sent the money to them but I know the guy who started the company.

  2. If you know the guy who started Hello Somebody, are you able to verify that for us?

    • Yes his name is Ben Pirtle, he is a former youth pastor at Gateway Church out of Dallas, Texas. The website for the company is The only way that statement above could be true is if Sammy kept the money to himself that was supposed go to the company.

      • Sammy stole the money for sure.

        He went straight to the company that manufacturers the watches and just used the name of the company so it sounded reputable and he wouldn’t tell them and that he could keep the money.

        By the way I saw with my own eyes and hear with my own eyes him say $750 was “stolen” but to not let anyone of the church know so it didn’t “take away from what God was doing in their hearts.” Sammy was so self righteous that he said “I’ll just cover the stolen 750 bc I don’t want THE ENEMY to win by STEALING the moment from what GOD DID.” He is a MASTER manipulator.

        That same weekend he filmed multiple girls he HAND PICKED as volunteers because of their hearts for the Lord (one non Christian). Then he slept in the basement next to the girls room and where they showered and he would re-adjust the camera in between each girl… This was all in the YOUTH PASTORS HOME that trusted him.


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