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Jack Schaap Fired For Sex With A Minor

Jack Schaap isn’t just anybody, Jack Schaap is the pastor of a megachurch in the United States, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. And this week, he has been fired for having sex with a minor.
First Baptist Church

At this time, we deeply regret the need to announce that First Baptist Church has dismissed our pastor, Dr. Jack Schaap, due to a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor. First Baptist Church is in full cooperation with our local authorities in their investigation of this matter. Our church grieves over the need to take this action and the impact it will have on our people.

We ask that everyone pray for the families involved and pray that the situation will be handled in a Christ honoring manner. We look forward to the days ahead as we continue to service the needs of our surrounding community and the Chicago area.

Now, I for one, congratulate FBCH on finally doing the right thing when it comes to this sort of thing in the church. It isn’t all that long ago that Dave Hyles, the son of former pastor Jack Hyles, was quietly shuffled from church to church after having affairs with married women, and allegedly preying on minors, which didn’t stop when he got moved from one church to another. And that certainly wouldn’t be the only case of someone in authority at the church preying upon minors. The church did report the matter to the police, which is good. They did the right thing.

One can already see the defenders coming out of the woodwork however. There are those who clamor “let him without sin cast the first stone!”, or “judge not lest ye be judged!”, in both cases taking those verses out of context. There are those who would rather that we just didn’t talk about this at all. But I believe it is indeed necessary to talk about these sorts of things, as I noted when SBC Evangelist Sammy Nuckolls was arrested for videotaping women undressing in the bathroom. We also have those defenders who are coming out saying “she seduced him!”, or “it’s not his fault, the problem is probably that she was dressing wrong!”. To those people, I say “Phooey!” Jack Schaap is alleged to have been counseling this young girl for sex abuse issues(why he was doing it alone is another question entirely, no pastor should ever counsel any woman alone except his wife). Do you get that? She had been sexually abused, and Schaap preyed upon her. He looked at her like a wolf looks at a piece of meat, and he targeted her. He knew she was wounded, and she would be an easy mark. I don’t care if this girl was dancing naked in front of Jack Schaap, he is a fifty-four year old man and she was a sixteen year old child. He knew better than to do this. He knew not to touch her. He knew to leave her alone. He has no excuse at all. There’s nothing that he can say that makes this okay. It was wrong. It was sin. If it’s not legally criminal in his state(as is being debated), it’s still morally reprehensible, it’s morally wrong, and it should absolutely be criminal. He was acting as a counselor, and he raped a counselee. This knowledge about Jack Schaap’s abuse of a sixteen year old girl makes some of his sermons much creepier, like this one where he makes statements like:

Is she good in bed?(asking a teenage boy about his girlfriend)

Do you know how many times your daughter sneaks out in the wee hours of the morning to have sex with her boyfriend? Well, not my
daughter. I’ll take pictures for ya’.

Jack Schaap was one of my teachers in Bible college, when I went to Hyles-Anderson College. At that time, he didn’t preach sermons like that. Though he seemed a bit smarmy, like most HAC’ers, there wasn’t anything that I noticed at that time that was strange about him. When he took over First Baptist Church of Hammond, I thought it would be a good thing. I thought that maybe he would take the church in a good direction, and that things would change in a positive manner. Some things did. But in recent years, he has preached in a very graphic manner on sex, teenage sex, and sexting. Some of his sermons have been quite troubling, because of the things he has said.

It really brings me no joy that Jack Schaap is being investigated by the police and the FBI for his sexual encounters with a minor girl. It brings me no joy to hear that there are possibly other victims coming forward. I feel very badly for FBCH, because it seems like they’ll never have a pastor who really preaches the Gospel and not legalism. Not to mention the fact that congregants are now having to deal with this, with losing a pastor to “deep sin”, and with trying to heal from those wounds. These wounds will be deep, and the church is going to struggle for some time. And I’m praying for them, that they’ll get a good pastor that will preach the Gospel clearly. I’m praying for healing. I’m praying for Cindy Schaap, who now faces her own horrible dilemma. Does she stay with the man that she has loved for thirty-some years in spite of what he did? Or does she leave him? No matter what she does, people will hate her for it, and complain about it. I pray for Jack Schaap’s children, who are dealing with this too, and trying to reconcile all this in their minds. I pray for the church leadership, that God will give them wisdom in dealing with this. I pray for the victims of his sexual advances, who have their own demons to fight because of what he did to them. And I pray for Jack Schaap, that he will repent of his sin, and turn to Christ and the Cross for salvation and healing of his own soul. But that doesn’t mean that Schaap should be given a pass for his crimes and sins.

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  1. Tim Challies posted on it also:

  2. So very well said.

  3. There are so many victims here. I’ve never heard of Jack until this story broke this week. Every single week it’s the same story with a different face. However, the way that the board swiftly, concisely and permanently dealt with Jack should serve as a model to all churches! My heart goes out to the young lady who has been victimized all over again by someone that was supposed to protect her. And then Cindy-this church has been a legacy all her life… a woman I hurt for her truly. I wonder if God weeps when He sees the condition of His church……I certainly do. To all who read this keep the faith in His resurrection power !

  4. Several quick comments…

    1. Cindy will NOT leave. Neither believes in divorce, and the marriage (unless Jack chose to continue in some path of sin), will be reconciled. That is very basic, and in no way comes close to being a “dilema” as you suggest. I’m sure she is convinced in her mind they stay together. Difficult times, yes.

    2. Where does Jack go and what does he do? Janitor in the church? I would guess he was way overpaid for the position(s), and he will wear this badge just like the red letter scarf. They need counseling, and NOT from any IFB. They probably need to pack up and move out of Dodge and start over somehow, someway.

    3. What will the church do now as far as “dealing” with this? Granted, they brought it to light, but maybe only because they’ve never been able to shake Jack Hyles’ ill gotten reputation with the sin that has followed him to the grave? You know, all the unanswered questions surrounding Vic, the secret door, the affair, etc? Thay has never gone away.

    Will the church silently pay Schaap a salary and collect some severence pay? Will they bring him before the church (will Schaap even GO?!) and exercise church discipline? That has never been done with previous members, ie. Dave, Ballinger, etc, etc. Schaap needs to stand in front of the church (NOT BEHIND THE PULPIT!), and get right with the congregation! The church will have to heal. The scripture says, “And ye which are spiritual restore such a one…”

    That’s refering to the one who commited the offense/sin, but the CHURCH needs to be restored as well.

    On and on we all could go playing arm chair counselor. It’s sad to say the least, and it leaves one in a daze.

  5. With regards to Sammy Nuckolls where blinded excuse-making sycophants state the victim “seduced him” or was “dressing wrong” the majority of all the victims from six different states, Sammy met through junior high and high school ministry. Sammy carefully and with premeditation set up D-NOW Discipleship Programs in his home and the homes of others to get these girls away from their homes and parental supervision for weekend long bible studies. These girls were there to learn the bible and get closer to God. Sammy was there to fulfill an insidious, deviant sexual urge that he cannot control. Sure he ministered to a lot of kids. But not to save them, rather to cold-bloodedly lure them in and then violate them. In DeSoto County Court last month, the detective investigating this case testified that Sammy was CLEARLY seen in EVERY SINGLE TAPE setting up the camera and then adjusting the angle in order to best capture the girls’ naked bodies. Every single tape!!!! The fact that Sammy carefully planned and executed these wicked sex crimes over a period of years against his own flock is something not even Alex B can deny or justify! While we may all sin, how many of us have actually committed over 2 dozen felony sex CRIMES?? Yet comparisons keep being made. Do we really want a society where criminals are not held accountable, or their crimes are dismissed because the criminal was “funny” or knew a lot of scripture? Despite Sammy’s steadfast UNREPENTANCE, (still sticking with 14 not guilty pleas AND not apologizing to the victims) and now his indirect but carefully engineered attacks on those he savagely humiliated and debased, sure….by all means forgive him. But to ever allow this perverted sex criminal near youth ministry again is irresponsible, sadistic and obscene beyond words. Parents AND children trusted him and he betrayed that trust in the worst possible way.

    As for “dressing wrong,” every single one of the 14 victims in Olive Branch were taking a shower, in a locked bathroom they had every reason to believe was private. They weren’t changing a blouse. Sam went in right before and after the showers so he could prolong the battery life on his cameras, to get more girls. This was not upskirting. This was not a cell phone in a changing room. These were miniature wide-angle spy cams carefully concealed during weekend events that Sammy personally arranged solely so he could humiliate and defile the youngest and most vulnerable members of his flock. He used his well-worn bible as a PROP to deceive and distract, just as he used props in his “magic tricks.” Sammy chose ministry to gain access to victims because he KNEW first hand that Christians would be reluctant to condemn him for his evil acts. If Sammy could gain access to young girls by fixing roofs he’d be the best roofer in America. Sammy is so good at preaching because it is a means to satisfying his depraved urges.

    The fact that Sammy and his family and fans are circulating rumors trying to suggest that girls solely pursuing Jesus when this sinister deviant robbed them of their dignity are somehow in part “responsible” for this crime is beyond the pale of human behavior, and fully demonstrates just how evil and non-remorseful he is! Those people defending Sammy’s heinous CRIMES – not SINS — C.R.I.M.E.S. – need to check their own consciences and remember God sees ALL. Your wretched lack of compassion for innocent believers will be forever remembered and viewed for what it is – sick, sinister, willful re-victimization of those struggling already with the shame Sammy deliberately inflicted on them solely for the purpose of satisfying his sick perverted sexual desires. By the way, voyeurs like Sammy are aroused by the humiliation and disgrace they inflict on their victims, not just the naked bodies. That’s why Sammy abused those closest to him – the ones who trusted him most, so he could magnify the arousal he gets by asserting his dominance over these sweet girls. SHAME ON ANYONE DEFENDING THESE CRIMES!!!! Everyone who knew Sammy before they found out who he really was, lost a friend in October 2011. To assault the victims trying to defend the indefensible is horrifying and unforgivable by any human standard. To do that in the name of God is pure blasphemy. I’m sorry your friend betrayed you but assaulting these victims is wrong and deep down you know it!
    On September 14, 2012, Sammy will face a MS judge for the crimes he was caught on in DeSoto County. He is facing 14 sex crime felonies, which is only half of what he was caught with on 10/25/11. Pray for justice for the nearly 2 dozen victims we know of. Pray for mercy for any potential future victims should Sammy return to youth ministry.

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