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IFB’s React To Jack Schaap’s Firing

With Jack Schaap being fired, the internet has been abuzz. Both current and former IFB’s are discussing the matter, and the responses are fairly predictable. Here’s what I’ve been seeing around the web currently.

From the Online Baptist IFB Community Forum.

From poster Wichbla: “He had an affair with her and that’s all that matters. The conspiracies involved don’t really matter. He has ruined his life and brought more embarrassment to the IFB churches plus shaken the faith of weaker and newbie Christians. How did this man really think this was going to turn out? Affairs between 16 old girls and 50 something year old married men never work out right. Especially men who pastor mega-churches.”

To quote Ed Stetzer yet again, it’s not adultery. It’s abuse. IT’S ABUSE!

From a pro-Hyles-Anderson Facebook group written by Steven Lynn:

A Hero Has Fallen

A hero has fallen; it’s tragic, but true
A hero has fallen; it’s now up to you.

We’ve all been shocked, frightened, betrayed
But remember my friend, the cause is unchanged.

I know you’re in pain; he is my friend, too;
But we must move on; the torch goes to you.

The valiant general is fighting no longer
Time, then, for us to stand that much taller.

Our commander’s been snared by sin’s dreadful chains
But take heart, look up; our Saviour remains.

A hero has fallen; a blow, not at all slight
But he’s only one man– we can still fight.

A hero has fallen; but have we forgotten?
That the greatest of men, is a man, in the end.

We’ve all been hurt by this hero who’s fallen
But come now, rise up; will you forsake your calling?

Was it this man you served, who saved you from Hell?
Or in all the confusion, did He die, as well?

Things will never again be like days past
But I will continue to serve ’til the last.

So rise up, men of God; you’re not finished yet–
Your job is not done, ’til you’ve breathed your last breath.

I will rise, I will stand, I will run, I will fight
Not by my strength, but by His holy might.

Shall my blood mix with his, as it flows from my veins–
Will he be there, always, to share in my pain?

Or my blood be alone, as it falls to the ground
Nonetheless, I will fight, ’til in death, I go down

From Bob Gray(Texas, obviously):

May I present the practical side? There exists more molestation cases proportionately reported in the 42,000 churches of the Southern Baptist Convention than in the 22,000 independent Baptist churches. Consider the largest denomination in our nation, the Catholic Church, and then think on their sexual transgressions for a while. This is not to take lightly one person who is violated by a leader in a church.

Somebody, on the pro-Hyles-Anderson Facebook group I linked to up above asked “Where are the poems for the family of the girl?” Here’s the responses:
Shane Henderson:

If you don’t have anything positive to say, than don’t say anything.

Stephanie Dawn Millen(you can just feel the disdain that she has for this girl dripping off every word):

More than likely nobody’s been talking about how much they love her because they don’t know her and she’s never influenced their life. But if you’d like to write a poem about her be my guest.

From the official Hyles-Anderson Facebook Page:

Dinmar Quilantang

God gave a pastor according to His heart so God had no mistake at all for giving a such a dynamic pastor for you FBC, The leaders of the church should protect the pastor for the sake of the ministry of God. God entrusted His man to the members of the church so the members will be the one to take care for the pastor, providing the needs of the pastor at uplift his leadership in the ministry. King David committed an adultery in the bible but God is with Him. We are claiming as a baptist as a real church of Christ, so what other religious group will say to us as a baptist. If God gave me a chance to be one of the leader of ptr. schaap, I will never leave him, I will never let him and the ministry of God put in the embarrassing situation. I will fight for him. and If I found out that the pastor had committed adultery(like what happened) I will talk to the pastor seriously with love and concern for the ministry, for the sake of the ministry of God and for those who are not yet matured Christians. God is the only one who has right to remove His man in a certain church not the member. There is no such thing as a perfect church even in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. The FBC were so blessed. spending your whole life in the ministry is not easy for the pastor because your pastor is liable to his all members. In 11 years of Pastoring your church is not easy, the sleepless, unselfish, wholehearted dedication of the man of God is a must like what ptr. jack schaap did. He did everything for you to grow in your faith, God said “Touch not my anointed”. wake up brethren in Christ, Let us support pastor Jack schaap, I know you will be blessed by God if you do this. Pray. and ptr. jack schaap be back in the church

A video from Edwin Montanez:


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