Welcome to The Baptist Thinker. I am the “thinking Baptist”. I chose that name, because I am not simply somebody who grew up in a Baptist church, although I did. I chose that name because after careful years of study of Scripture, and of different denominations and purported Christian denominations, I arrived at the conclusion that the Baptist denomination is the denomination that most closely resembles the teachings of the church in Scripture. I am a Baptist by conviction, by choice. I am not a Baptist because of how I grew up, or what I was taught all my life. And as I think through the things that I was taught growing up, I discard some, and keep others. This blog is my attempt to share what I have discovered, and perhaps a place where I can learn from others.

I am a Baptist by conviction. I am a Southern Baptist by choice, because I think that the Southern Baptist Convention has the greatest structure for taking the Gospel to the nations among Baptist churches and conventions.I do not believe that the SBC is perfect. I believe that she, like all conventions and churches, has flaws and issues that need to be addressed. But I believe that she is still being used by God to preach the Gospel. And that’s why I align myself with the SBC.

Will Rogers



  1. Thank you for thinking it through. Wish more would.
    God bless!

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